These days modern roundabouts are so commonplace that it is hard to imagine the world without them. There are more than 4,000 modern roundabouts in the US alone. According to the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Alaska has more than 36 roundabouts.

But why are roundabouts so popular? How do they benefit you? Well if you have these questions and more here are some facts to help you get answers.

Good Aesthetics

Roundabouts can not only be used to reduce traffic congestion, but they can also be used to improve the aesthetics of a city. An example is Alaska, where some of the roundabouts on Santa Claus Lane have sleigh bells that ring. I can bet that the people of Alaska have a special place in the heart of Santa Claus. Roundabouts can also be used to showcase art, landscaping, and monuments provided that these items are erected with the speed of vehicles approaching the roundabout in mind.

Safety for Pedestrians and Drivers

At a roundabout, vehicles are moving in one direction, and at a slower speed. Thus, pedestrians can cross safely without having to worry about speeding vehicles. Also, since cars are driving at slower speeds and moving in one direction, there is a lower likelihood of accidents happening. In fact, according to national studies, places that were converted to roundabouts from traditional intersections experienced the following:

  • More than a 90% decrease in fatalities
  • More than a 75% decrease in injuries

In fact, since roundabouts were installed at one junction in the North Pole, there have been zero injury crashes, and crashes, in general, have dropped by more than 50%.

Cheaper to Maintain

Roundabouts have been shown to save close to $5000 in terms of electricity and maintenance bills that would be incurred if traffic lights were used.